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The Cartier replica watch that came out last year is dedicated to creating a unique work for independence. Whether it is wearing casual or a dress, all of them exude a rich temperament. Cartier's new moon phase replica watches is equipped with Cartier's refined movement, complex features of the top, full moon and the second quarter, the astronomical level of precision, the moon phase function needs to be calibrated every 125 years. The watch's case is round and the watch's dial is decorated with simple white. The moon phase watch has 18K rose gold classic masterpiece and adds a little complex charm. Cartier mysterious replica watch open-air aesthetics to the extreme, the other upgraded to the double mysterious tourbillon, and equipped with a mysterious hour hollow fake watch, can also be seen from the name, the integration of Cartier elements.

Seeing the surface at 9 o'clock, the fine sapphire crystal disc, and the completely transparent surface, the hollowing process is ingeniously blended with the movement, allowing the entire movement to use palladium which is rarer than platinum. Gold material with excellent platinum texture without causing skin allergies. The movement is hand-wound and refining, and the cartier fake watch provides about 48 hours of power storage. Compared to the three-question double mystical tourbillon fake watch, the craft is more difficult. Cartier's new moon phase replica watch is first compared to the traditional mysterious movement replica horloges., the pointer between the upgraded sapphire mirror is replaced by the floating tourbillon sapphire crystal. The disc is rotated every 5 minutes. Although it is complicated to run, it has a dynamic beauty that shocks the mind.

In addition, the Cartier Moon Phase Watch is also equipped with a mechanical timekeeping function, which can emit high and low combination sounds. The three-question function of the Cartier watch is improved. The common precious metal reduces the weight of the watch, and the titanium metal ensures that the whole sound is more penetrating. The straightforward traditional circular gong is changed to a square cross section, which steadily emits up to eight overtones. In addition, the timekeeping adds visual appeal. The case has a built-in Cartier 9407MC workshop with a hand-wound refining movement. The strap is made of crocodile leather and has a limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide. The price of these two models is more than one million replica orologi, compared to most people, and the top watch is reminiscent of the succulent Lyme fruit and the sketch of the Cartier watch profile.